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Current Fundraiser - The Color Within 5K Walk/Run

Brought to you by The Bea Fisher Foundation

The Color Within 5K is a Walk/Run fundraiser for all ages!

Where: Bud Miller Park Picnic Area

When: May 24, 2014 @ 10:00am (Please show up early to sign in)

What: You’ll start off with a white t-shirt (which we’ll supply, or wear one of your own) and throughout the run (or walk), we’ll coat you with color bombs of blue, green, pink, purple and yellow.  Each section of the run adds a new explosion of color until you cross the finish line!

Let’s celebrate the color within each of us by getting covered with color on the outside!

Cost: $50/participant, 10 & under are free.  Gathering pledges is encouraged – prizes will be awarded for highest pledges received.  All proceeds go to the Bea Fisher Foundation.

How to Register: Please click on the link below. This is where you will find all the information you need to know!

Hope to see you there!

The Color Within 5K "Run"

New website coming soon!  Stay tuned....


Bea Fisher Organization is a leader in innovative service delivery for persons with developmental disabilities in obtaining a successful meaningful life.

Bea Fisher Organization provides individual-driven services for persons with developmental disabilities through education supports and community collaboration.


The Bea Fisher Organization has three companies governed by a Board of Directors for each company.

The Bea Fisher Centre Inc.
Incorporated in 1972, The Bea Fisher Centre Inc. has a Board complement of up to 13, who govern the affairs of the various programs and services which operate through the 24 hour period, seven days a week. Their diverse talents and presence in the community help the clients integrate in the community and monitor the many programs.

The Bea Fisher Foundation
Incorporated in 1991, The Bea Fisher Foundation is the fund raising and publicity entity for the organization. The Board of up to 10 citizens direct fund raising revenues to The Bea Fisher Centre Inc. for various capital expenditures.

Bea Fisher Enterprises Inc.
Incorporated in 1996, Bea Fisher Enterprises Inc. was created to generate revenue for the programs and services of the Centre. The Board of up to 10 diligently manage the business affairs of the the Bottle Depot, and Blue Box Service. People with Developmental Disabilities are employed in the businesses and contribute significantly.


Admission Criteria
Applicant must identify a disability which may include a developmental disability, physical and/or sensory disability, brain injury or a combination thereof.

Applicant must be 16 years of age and older. Agency must be able to provide identified program service to meet the needs of the individual.

Applicant must be able/willing to participate in the program designed to meet his/her individual needs.

Applicants who display maladaptive behavior should be able to respond to intensive behavior modification techniques implemented by agency staff in consult with behavior specialist.

Applicant must demonstrate inability to secure community employment independently due to a developmental disability.

Applicant must show the potential to cooperate and participate in agency routine and procedures necessary in a training environment.

Applicants' medical needs must be such that trained lay staff or community medical resources may adequately provide day to day level of care required.

Discharge Criteria
Individual and parent/legal guardian express a desire to voluntarily withdraw from the program.

An individual encounters a medical problem that exceeds the capability of the agency or community resources on a long term basis. These individual will be considered for re-admission in the event these problems become manageable as per level of service offered.

Individual displays maladaptive behaviors that are considered a danger to self and others which have not improved after intensive acceptable maladaptive behavior modification techniques or medication.

Individual refuses or cannot adhere to accepted routines, schedules and procedures after intensive programmed intervention or where it is judged that the programs are no longer meeting the needs of the individual.

Suspension or dismissal from one program within the continuum would not necessarily constitute grounds for an individual to receive a similar consequence in another program area. In other words, the individual, parents or guardian would have the opportunity to choose alternate services within the agency.

Persons who no longer require active program support to maintain community employment and/or living arrangements.

Drug/alcohol abuse, if not accepting treatment as per plan.


The service that you will receive is individualized based on the individual's needs.  Yearly, an Annual Review or a Service Plan meeting is held with the individual, family and Agency staff to plan the supports necessary to assist the client reach the identified goals created through the Annual Service Review.  This plan becomes the client's or his/her guardian's and is delivered as planned.

Service Plan Review may occur any time during the year to review the service goals.  In most cases, the Social Worker from Saskatchewan or Client Services Coordinator from Alberta will attend as a support to the individual, family and Agency.


The Agency encourages the resolving of issues or concerns. Any concerns can be brought to the attention of anyone in the organization.


Bring the concern to the staff who usually work with the client. Preferably in writing.
If results are not achieved or satisfactory, bring it to the attention of the department supervisor and/or division Manager.
If still not resolved, the matter must be brought forward to the Chief Executive Officer.
The Board of Directors can hear the concern or issue as the final step of the appeal process.


The Bea Fisher Centre Inc. staff are trained extensively on protecting the individual from abuse and the process for reporting such abuse.

Clear policies and procedures are in place and investigations are conducted for each matter brought forward.

All reports of abuse or misconduct are treated seriously and resolution to all claims is achieved.

The Agency will use trained people within the organization or external people to the organization for such investigation.


Family, Guardians, School, and other Agencies or potential individuals may contact the Agency regarding services at (780) 875-3633 or beafisher@bordercity.com

A meeting of interested people is encouraged to obtain information on what type of service is provided, to explain what type of service is needed, and to make Agency and funders aware of potential admission.

An application will be given out along with service information. 

The application must be filled out and returned to 3514 - 51 Avenue, Lloydminster, Alberta or mailed to P.O. Box 296, Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, S9V 0Y2.

An Admission & Discharge Committee will evaluate the application and additional information, and decide on acceptance. 

The applicant will be notified within one week as to the status of application following the meeting.  



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