Bottle Depot

Bea Fisher Enterprises Inc. provides a Walk-in Bottle Refund Depot for residents in Lloydminster and surrounding areas.

Hours of Operation:
Monday—Saturday, 8:00am—4:00pm
Closed on Sundays & Statutory Holidays

Products Accepted & Refunds:
$.10 — All “ready to serve” beverages, 1L or less (ex. pop cans, juice boxes, small liquor, water bottles, milk products, etc.)
$.10 — All beer containers (cans or bottles), 1L or less
$.25 — All “ready to serve” beverages, over 1L (ex. 2L pop bottles, large liquor, tomato juice cans, etc.)
*Please rinse all milk product containers.

Products Not Accepted:
Contaminated containers (ex. smells of gas or toxins)
Unidentifiable containers (ex. labels peeled off)
Milk product containers purchased from Saskatchewan
Milk product containers that have not been rinsed