Ability Development Services

Programs & Services

Community Access

This program provides an outreach model (non-facility based) where individuals are picked up at home and taken to their scheduled community activity. They also gain access to local community resources.

Employment Services

Employment can create a great sense of accomplishment. This program not only helps clients maintain work in a community business, it also ensures positive relationships are built and competitive wages and benefits are adhered to. For individuals looking for employment, we offer career planning sessions as well as pre-employment sessions.

Community Living Service

A safe, supportive place to live is something we all deserve. The Residential Division is made up of 10 homes all with a different focus and different levels of support. Apartment living program is available for those who can live fairly independently.

Health & Medication

Administering medication is critical to the well-being of all our clients. That's why we have a comprehensive Medication Administration Policy ensuring that our employees clearly understand their responsibility in managing medication. A qualified medical professional works closely with employees to ensure they have the critical skills and knowledge.

Individual Service Planning Process

All people have unique needs, which is why we customize our services. Every year a review is done to determine which services will assist the individual reach their goals. Once the review is done, a customized plan is developed with the individual and implemented over the next year.

Protection & Safety of Individuals

Our dedicated staff has extensive training when it comes to protecting individuals from abuse. Clear policies and procedures are in place and investigations are conducted should an incident occur. We also protect the property of the individual by implementing extensive security measures and conducting security checks on all new staff and volunteers.

Behavioral Intervention

When it comes to intervention strategies, Ability Development Services has very specific policies. If there is a need to protect an individual or those around him or her, behavioral Intervention begins with specific activities from the least restrictive first to more restrictive ones. In order to improve our intervention programs, a Best Practices for Behaviours of Concern and Review Committee has been developed.

Admission Criteria

  • Applicant must identify a disability, which may include a developmental disability, physical and/or sensory disability, brain injury or a combination thereof.
  • Applicant must be 16 years of age and older. Agency must be able to provide identified program service to meet the needs of the individual.
  • Acceptance is dependent on the individual qualifying for funding from either province.
  • Applicant must be able/willing to participate in the program designed to meet his/her individual needs.
  • Applicants who display maladaptive behaviour should be able to respond to intensive behaviour modification techniques implemented by agency staff in consult with behaviour specialist.
  • Applicant must demonstrate inability to secure community employment independently due to a developmental disability.
  • Applicant must show the potential to cooperate and participate in agency routine and procedures necessary in a training environment.
  • Applicant’s medical needs must be such that trained lay staff or community medical resources may adequately provide day to day level of care required.

How to Apply


Families, guardians, schools, and other agencies or potential individuals may contact the agency regarding services at (780) 875-3633 or beafisher@bordercity.com.


A meeting of interested people are encouraged to obtain information on what types of services are provided, to explain what type of service is needed and to make the agency and funders aware of potential admission.


Pick up the application form from the Bea Fisher Centre, fill it out and: A. Drop it off at 3514 51st Ave., Lloydminster, AB. B. Mail it to Box 296, Lloydminster, SK S9V 0Y2. C. Email it to beafisher@bordercity.com.


An Admission & Discharge Committee will evaluate the application and additional information, and decide on acceptance. The applicant will be notified as to the status of application following the meeting.